Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Ideas

"Roarrrrr!" The sound of a T-Rex fills the jungle, giving you chills. But don't worry, it's just the excitement of planning a dinosaur-themed baby shower. Whether you're about to be a parent or a friend throwing the best baby shower, a dino theme is sure to delight and impress. With the popularity of the Jurassic World franchise and the nostalgia for our childhood favorites like The Land Before Time, a prehistoric party is a perfect choice. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps of creating a roaring good time with dinosaur baby shower ideas that will take guests back in time. Get ready to dig into some prehistoric fun as we explore how to host a memorable and unique baby shower experience fit for a little dino lover.


Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitations

Cute Baby Dinosaur Theme Baby Shower Invite

Before you start planning the menu and decorations, there's one important aspect that sets the tone for your entire event – the invitations. This will give your guests the first impression of your baby shower, so make it count! You could go for a cartoon-style look with adorable and vibrant baby dinosaurs or opt for a more elegant and refined approach with watercolor dinosaurs. Whatever style you decide on, be sure to stick to your chosen color scheme or a nice, cohesive look. Get playful with your invites using phrases like Join us for a dino-mite baby shower! or Stomp, Chomp, and Celebrate! You could even incorporate some dinosaur puns to keep the theme going. 

Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitation Bundle for Cute Dino

Be sure to list all the crucial info: the date, time, place, RSVP details, and any special instructions. This could include a request for guests to wear dino-themed outfits or follow a specific color palette. For those who prefer a more eco-friendly option, digital invitations are a great alternative. Several online shops offer a variety of customizable dinosaur-themed templates that you can personalize to your heart's content. You can also buy invitations with matching cards like Books For Baby card, Diaper Raffle card, and Thank You card.


Dinosaur Baby Shower Games

Dinosaur Baby Shower Games - filthyhalfblood

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To make the celebration extra fun, organize some entertaining baby shower games and activities for your guests. First up, we have the Dino Egg Hunt. This game is a spin-off of the classic Easter egg hunt but with a prehistoric twist. Put small toys, candy, or even little notes with baby shower trivia in small plastic eggs. Hide them around the venue and let the guests hunt for them. If you want to test your guests' knowledge of all things dinosaur, then Dinosaur Trivia is the game for you. Prepare a set of questions from simple to tricky, and see who can answer the most about these prehistoric creatures. You can even throw in some baby-related questions for a mix. Last but not least, we have the Dinosaur Dig. This game is perfect for an outdoor baby shower or if you have enough space indoors. Bury some small plastic dinosaur toys in a large container filled with soil. Give your guests little shovels or scoops, and let them dig for treasures. Whoever finds the most dinos wins! It's a game that will bring out the childlike wonder in your guests and add an element of adventure to the baby shower.

Printable Baby Shower Games Bundle Dino Baby


Dinosaur Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Cute Dinosaur Welcome Poster for Baby Shower

Transform your space into a dinosaur haven that's bursting with prehistoric charm. Stick with earthy tones like greens, browns, and tans, but you can also throw in some bright hues such as orange, yellow, and turquoise for a pop of color. This will set the perfect backdrop for your dinosaur decorations. Of course, you can't have a baby shower without a welcome sign. But instead of going for a generic one, why not go all out with a cute Welcome to the Prehistoric Party! sign featuring friendly dinosaurs? This not only sets the mood right from the start but also lets your guests know that they are in for a roaring good time.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Decorations - makeitpretty.ca

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Dinosaur Baby Shower Decorations - only.balloons

(IG Photo Credit: only.balloons)

Craft balloon garlands in your chosen color scheme, and include some dino-shaped balloons for extra flair. You can use these to decorate the entrance and dessert table or use them as a photo backdrop. And for the table settings, opt for dinosaur-inspired plates, cups, napkins, and tablecloths. To bring a touch of nature to the table, you could also use toy dinosaurs surrounded by greenery and faux rocks as centerpieces. For the crafty host, painting small plastic dinosaurs in metallic hues can bring a chic touch to the decor. Consider having a photo booth with a dinosaur backdrop where everyone can take cool pictures to remember the party. Providing dino-themed props like hats, tails, and masks will take the photos to the next level.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Decorations - irzic_is

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Dinosaur Baby Shower Menu

Dinosaur Baby Shower Menu - mjayne_balloons

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Your dinosaur baby shower menu should be just as unique and fun as the rest of your party. After all, who said baby showers were just for dainty finger sandwiches and fruit platters? Let's make those taste buds roar with delight with these delicious and themed food and drink ideas. First, consider offering bite-sized snacks like chicken nuggets, meatballs, or veggie sticks with dip served on a platter labeled as Dino Bites. You can put toothpicks with little dinosaur shapes on top. Then, prepare deviled eggs, name them Dinosaur Eggs, and add a splash of green food coloring to the filling for a prehistoric look.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Menu - whitloveevents

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For the plant-eating guests, create a vibrant vegetable platter with a variety of dips and label it as the Herbivore Platter. Not only will it be a colorful addition to your table, but it will also cater to the dietary preferences of your guests. We can't forget about the meat lovers! Provide a selection of mini sandwiches, sliders, or even a charcuterie board, and call it Carnivore Treats. Your guests will love the variety and the clever theme. Keep everyone hydrated with a drink station featuring different beverages labeled as Jurassic Juice. You could offer green punch, lemonade, and even some dino-themed mocktails for the non-alcoholic options.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Menu - sweet_satisfactories

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No party is complete without something sweet. Cupcakes with dinosaur toppers, dinosaur-shaped cookies, and a cake adorned with a prehistoric scene will all be big hits. And don't forget to include some gummy dinosaurs as a fun and tasty treat! For a playful and delicious dessert, whip up some Dino Dirt Cups with layers of chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, and gummy worms. And for an extra touch, decorate it with some small dinosaur figurines on top. These treats are not only tasty but also a fun addition to your party décor. With this creative and delicious menu, your guests will be transported back in time to the land of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Menu - busybeesweet

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And there you have it – all the essentials for throwing a dinosaur baby shower that’s sure to be a roaring success. The idea of a dino-themed baby shower may have seemed far-fetched at first, but hopefully, this article has shown that it can be a unique and fun way to celebrate the impending arrival of a little one. From the decor and invites to the food and games, these ideas will help you create a prehistoric party that your guests will never forget. Remember, the key to organizing a memorable and successful baby shower is to stay true to the theme while also adding personal touches and elements that reflect the parents-to-be. So go forth and plan the flawless baby shower, and don't forget to have fun while doing it!


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Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Ideas Dinosaur Baby Shower Themes and Ideas
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