A Little Boo Themed Baby Shower Ideas

A Little Boo Themed Baby Shower Ideas

A Little Boo Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Do you feel a chill in the air? Is there a hint of pumpkin spice and a rustle of fallen leaves? That can only mean one thing - it's nearly Halloween! And what better way to celebrate this spooky season than with A Little Boo-themed baby shower? From ghostly decor to devilishly delicious treats, this is the perfect way to honor the arrival of your little one while still embracing the spirit of the season. Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of Little Boo baby showers, packed with tips, tricks, and ideas to make your guests scream with delight. So get ready for a ghoulishly good time, and let's get planning!


A Little Boo Baby Shower Invitations

Editable A Little Boo Baby Shower Invitation

Your baby shower starts with the invitations. They are the first glimpse your guests will have of the party, so it's important to set the tone and get them excited about the theme. Think beyond the classic blue or pink baby shower invitations and instead opt for adorable ghost designs, bats, and pumpkins. But don't worry, we're talking cute, not creepy – after all, it's a baby shower! Regarding the design of your invitations, you could go for a smiling ghost holding a baby bottle or a pumpkin with a pacifier. Choose soft colors like pastel orange, light gray, and white to keep things sweet. And for that extra pizzazz, why not add a bit of glitter? It will give your invites that extra sparkle and make them stand out.

Editable A Little Boo Baby Shower Invitation Set

If you prefer to go the digital route, websites like Etsy have an abundance of customizable templates that are perfect for A Little Boo baby shower. This way, you can easily edit and send out invites via email or social media, making it convenient for both you and your guests. You can also find invitation bundles that include an invitation, a Thank You card, a Books for Baby card, and a Diaper Raffle card. Remember to include all the important information on your invitations: date, time, location, RSVP info, and any special requests like bringing a pack of diapers for a diaper raffle. You can also add a fun little rhyme or spooky pun to give your invites a playful touch. For example, Join us for a spooktacular celebration as we welcome our Little Boo!


A Little Boo Baby Shower Games

Editable A Little Boo Baby Shower Games Bundle

Don't forget fun games at your baby shower! Not only do they provide entertainment for all guests, but they also create a sense of camaraderie and bring everyone together to celebrate the new little boo. One fun game that will have your guests in stitches is Guess the Baby Food. Prepare baby food jars with the labels covered, and challenge guests to taste and guess the flavors. To add a little extra flair, create adorable ghost labels for the jars. For a good laugh, have a Mummy Wrap Race where guests are split into teams and given toilet paper rolls. The teams must race to wrap one of their members like a mummy in the fastest time possible. It's hilarious to see the different wrapping techniques, and the output makes for some great photo opportunities. And what's a fall-themed baby shower without pumpkin painting? Instead of a traditional craft station, set up a table with mini pumpkins and paint for guests to decorate with cute faces or baby-themed designs. These fun and unique games will make your Little Boo baby shower unforgettable for everyone.


A Little Boo Baby Shower Decorations

Editable A Little Boo Baby Shower Welcome Sign

With just the right balance of spooky and sweet, A Little Boo baby shower theme is ideal for welcoming the arrival of your little one during the Halloween season. And what brings a theme to life better than perfectly curated decorations? To begin, let's set the scene at the entrance. Greet guests with a Halloween-inspired welcome sign and flank it with balloon bouquets in white, orange, and black. Moving on to the tables, table centerpieces should be a perfect blend of Halloween and baby-themed items. For a unique touch, use small pumpkins, baby bottles, and tiny ghost figurines. Sprinkle some autumn leaves and add candles (battery-operated for safety) to create a cozy and inviting feel. Guests will love the cute and playful combination of spooky and adorable decorations.

A Little Boo Baby Shower Decorations - caitlinalxandra

(IG Photo Credit: caitlinalxandra)

Try setting up a photo booth with a large sheet or banner featuring a ghost and baby motif. Add props like baby rattles, pacifiers, and tiny witch hats for guests to pose with and capture memories. Hang banners that read Little Boo or Baby's First Halloween for an added touch of charm. To make it even more fun, use balloons in ghost shapes or draw ghost faces on them for a whimsical touch. Don't forget the food and gift tables! Spruce them up with themed tablecloths, confetti, and ghost-shaped cutouts. As a sweet addition, use baby bottles and jars filled with candy corn or mini marshmallows for an eye-catching centerpiece that guests can also indulge in.

A Little Boo Baby Shower Decorations - mirabeyaevents

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A Little Boo Baby Shower Decorations - faithful.events

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A Little Boo Baby Shower Menu

A Little Boo Baby Shower Menu - charcuterie_n_things

(IG Photo Credit: charcuterie_n_things)

You can't say your baby shower is complete without delicious food and drinks. But for A Little Boo theme, you can take the celebration to the next level by incorporating Halloween-inspired treats and beverages into your menu. Let's start with appetizers. Keep it simple and fun with ghost-shaped cheese and crackers, pumpkin deviled eggs, and Halloween-themed charcuterie board. These spooky snacks are not only delicious, but they also add to the overall festive atmosphere of the party. For the main course, opt for a buffet-style setup with different crowd-pleasing options. Mini sandwiches, pasta salads, and sliders are easy to eat and perfect for a casual gathering. You could also add a fun element with a "witch's cauldron" soup or chili station, where guests can customize their bowls with various toppings and fixings.

A Little Boo Baby Shower Menu - bae.haus

(IG Photo Credit: bae.haus)

A Little Boo Baby Shower Menu - ttrickorrtreatt

(IG Photo Credit: ttrickorrtreatt)

Now, let's talk about desserts. Serve up adorable ghost-shaped cookies, pumpkin cupcakes, and a cake decorated with cute baby ghosts. You could even set up a candy bar with classic Halloween treats like gummy worms, candy corn, and chocolate pumpkins. When it comes to drinks, there are endless possibilities for a Little Boo theme. Keep the beverages festive with options like a witches' brew punch with floating gummy eyeballs or a spooky Ghost-tini for the adults. For the non-drinkers and little ones, offer various non-alcoholic options like sparkling water and juice boxes. Thanks to this menu, your guests will leave with full bellies and happy hearts.

A Little Boo Baby Shower Menu - durandurantulsa

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A Little Boo Baby Shower Favors

A Little Boo Baby Shower Favors - brownsugarbae.bakes

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A Little Boo Baby Shower Favors - frostyzbakerybyjaeden

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When sending guests home with a little something to remember the day by, it's important to make sure the favors are both thoughtful and practical. For A Little Boo baby shower, there are plenty of unique favor ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. One popular favor option is ghost cookies. These can be homemade or store-bought, and when packaged in clear bags with a ribbon, they make for a sweet and eye-catching treat. Guests can enjoy them at the baby shower or take them home to enjoy later. To make them even more special, consider adding a custom tag with a ghost and a thank you message, such as Thanks for haunting our Little Boo shower! These ghost cookies are sure to be a hit with both kids and adults alike.

Editable A Little Boo Baby Shower Favor Tag

For a more practical favor option, consider mini bottles of hand sanitizer. Add a custom label featuring a ghost or baby theme and a thank you message, and these practical gifts will be both timely and useful for your guests. Last but not least, a hot cocoa kit is a thoughtful and warm favor idea for a Little Boo baby shower. Each kit can include a small bag of hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, and a mini candy cane, along with a tag that says, "Boo-tiful baby on the way – enjoy a warm treat on us!" This favor not only ties in with the Halloween theme but also provides a delightful and delicious experience for your guests to enjoy at home.



A Little Boo baby shower can be a fun and creative way to welcome the new member of the family. From spooky decorations to phantom treats, this theme allows you to get playful and crafty while also making your baby shower a ghostly affair to remember. So as you plan your boo-tiful celebration, remember to have fun, let your creativity shine, and most importantly, cherish this special time with the expecting parents. And who knows, maybe this spooky theme will inspire future Halloween parties with your little boo. Happy planning, and congratulations to the parents-to-be!


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